Canada Searches for a (Very) Warm-Water Port

Canadians are agitating to annex the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Yes, the Canadians are seeking a warm-water port:

“In the long term, what is so absolutely vital for Canada is to expand our sphere of influence,” says Conservative MP Peter Goldring, a driving force behind the Turks and Caicos movement.

Canadians seeking Lebensraum? Wait a minute…

“We had a sphere of influence in the Caribbean 100 years ago. Canada was a major shipper and transporter to the Caribbean from the Maritime provinces. We have lost that direct Maritime link with the Caribbean.”

Goldring has organized an all-party committee of Parliamentarians as well as a group of business leaders to lay the groundwork for a possible union between Canada and the Caribbean Island.

“I'd like it to be the 11th province,” Goldring says.

“It would be a Canadian province at the gateway to the Caribbean.”

Of course, being nice Canadians, they don't call it “annexing” but use words like “union” or “merger” or “free association” and even “overseas territory,” while contemplating “400 kilometres of white beaches and 800 kilometres of virgin reef for divers and snorkellers.” Plus temperatures that stay in double digits year round. Even in Centigrade.

If this “merger” happens would it signal a reversal of the trend towards increased devolution and the creation of micro-states? Could this start a trend?

And, how would the US react to being flanked by Canada?

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  1. Well I think that after a bit of irritation we would be nice enough to call our reaction “union” or “merger” not annexation

  2. Well I think, after an inition bit of irriation, we would be nice enough to call our reaction “Union” or “Partnership” not annexatoin so long as they democratically agreed to abandone the metric system and (shudder) bilingulism after being “unified” as the 51st state.


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