Bush Family Values

So you have a busy job, maybe a busy week. But you have a private jet, and are in charge of your own calendar. Couldn't you find a few hours to go to your own brother's wedding? Even if it's only his second marriage?

Not, it seems if you are G.W. Bush. The Miami Herald reports that The Neil Bush remarried Saturday — and although G.H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush attended, neither Jeb nor GW took the time to go.

The political calculation is obvious — Neil is the posterboy of sleaze what with his shady business deals, his messy divorce, and his notorious meetings with prostitutes paid for by his Asian business contacts — but even so, shouldn't politics take a back seat here?

The Herald ran this item on its gossip page. I predict the media gives this a lot less play than it gave, say, Jimmy Carter's relationship with his (also very dubious) brother.

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