The AWOL Issue Is On the Agenda

My brother's White House Briefing column today reports that Questions About Bush's Guard Service have “become a mainstream issue.” If it wasn't before, it is after this column, and the Post's fairly tame article by Lois Romano (assisted by the notorious Ceci Connolly, traveling with Kerry—expect him to be Gore'd any day now!—and researchers Don Puhlman and Lucy Shackelford in Washington).

I think these five, count them five, Post staffers all left out one fairly central point: GW Bush could presumably clear up this entire controversy in one minute, simply by authorizing the full release of his military records—something every major party candidate who was a verteran has done for the last few decades. Every single one, except GW Bush.

Who of course has nothing to hide.

Incidentally, I'd also like to know who had access to the records over the years, in case any documents are, say, missing, or contain serial numbers suggesting they were inserted out of sequence, both of which are allegations that are floating around. I'm sure the Pentagon keeps that sort of access record.

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