Supremes Let Stand Evil Ruling in ‘Secret Habeas’ Case

CALIFORNIA YANKEE: Supreme Court Refuses “Secret Case”: In an astounding decision the U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear the “secret case.”

The Supreme Court's decision means it is okay for a federal appellate court's published calendar to be obliterated to omit the names of litigants. ; a federal appellate court's computer records to be altered to remove from public view any information about the case; a federal appellate court to close its courtroom to the public and the press to hear arguments in a case; and for litigants to be prohibited from talking about it.

I didn't think this could happen in America.

What he said.

More info on the (surprising!) cert denial from AP.

Earlier posts of mine on this depressing case are The Secret Attack on the Right to an Open Court and an update . The only silver lining is that one of my brilliant colleagues is all over this one.

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