Super Tuesday Comes Early

I love the idea of an Edwards-Kerry race, although the final results suggest it wasn't quite as close as some of the earlier partial results made it sound. Will everyone else drop out now, please?

Meanwhile, the Chandler result is even more exciting, because the defeated Republican, in a Republican seat, started out her campaign proclaiming she'd be a Bush robot. Then she got a bit scared and asked him not to come on down after all. The House Republican leadership came down instead and offered the district a bribe—serious pork if you elect the Republican, nada if you don't (this was a remarkably honest description of a national policy adopted in the last two years). And that failed too. Big time.

Given the advantages of incumbency and the way districts are drawn, it's hard to seriously believe the House will change hands in the next election, especially given the Texas redistricting. But I imagine that Bush will be visiting somewhat fewer Republican marginals.

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