Soldier for the Truth

Via the elegantly redesigned Whiskey Bar, a pointer to Soldier for the Truth, the story of Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski (Ret.), who was in the Pentagon at the time that the Veep's office started running its own rogue intellegence analysis operation designed to slant reports in favor of the Iraq invasion. Disgusted by what she saw, she chose to resign when she hit the 20 year mark, and is now on a mission to expose what she calls “neoconservative coup, a hijacking of the Pentagon.” And she has a way with words.

Q: You gave your life to the military, you voted Republican for many years, you say you served in the Pentagon right up to the outbreak of war. What does it feel like to be out now, publicly denouncing your old bosses?

Kwiatkowski: It feels like duty.

That said, she also has some very odd friends.

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