Posner Poker

I think they must have too much time on their hands at the other UM Law — U. Michigan Law — as in addition to all her blogging, first-year student Heidi Bond has invented a fun-sounding poker variant: Posner Poker, the game with tradable cards (for those of you who are not lawyers, just think of this as “Let's Make a Deal” poker).

Or maybe it's being trapped indoors due to all that cold and snow.

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One Response to Posner Poker

  1. Heidi says:

    Actually, it’s our spring break. Except here in the cold wilds of Michigan, they call it “winter break” precisely because it happens in the middle of February. The basic idea is that nobody really wants to be in Ann Arbor in winter, so rather than put spring break right about the time when Michigan is finally getting livable again, they slap it right when everyone can’t bear being in Ann Arbor for another minute.

    Of course, had it not been spring break I probably still would have invented the game….

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