Meaningless Personality Quizzes (pt. 6)

What kind of postmodernist are you!? brought to you by Quizilla

This one is dangerously close to true, except for the fact that I'm not a post-modernist. But I believe that I have colleagues who would be surprised to learn I have written at some length on a member of the Frankfurt School…

revisionist historian
You are a Revisionist Historian. You are the Clark Kent of postmodernists. You probably want to work in a library or in social services. No one suspects you of being a postmodernist…until they read your publications!

Spotted at Alex Halavais's Blog.

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9 Responses to Meaningless Personality Quizzes (pt. 6)

  1. Demonik Angel says:

    life dad left, and now my mom said “i hate you f*#king kids, go live with your father”..and know whats worse…i get 100’s in school…i want to lave, but where? out of this city, or the world in all……

  2. Bethany says:

    get immancipated and rent an apartment…don’t have a job? i guess you have to get one…imancipated minors get paid from the city if they have a good reason…if your mom wants to act like that, then you should definitely move out…let her die miserable and alone!

  3. I want to get this off my chest says:

    I feel like a bad person all the time and i wanna be everything, a good girlfriend, a good drummer, an athlete, skinny… i can’t do it all… i think i need some help..stop this anger and violence thats born in my and lives through me…

  4. hi says:

    I know what that’s like. It’s hard to want to do everything and do it well; believe me I know. It seems like you have a problem similar to mine, trying to find your value in things you do or become. I know the feeling of hopelessness/despair at not being able to do everthing I think I should; just do your best, but not to excessive extremes. I hope you know, as I am learning, that you are valuable as you. Just assess why you think you are a bad person and work on correcting that. I know it’s not easy; but people do/will care about you for you. You may not see it right away; it may take a while, but they’re there, and they don’t care if you’re not perfect. Believe me, I’m living it. It hurts me that you’re hurting even though I don’t know who you are.
    To both of you, 1st and 3rd posts, I will keep you in my prayers. Your lives sound rough; I know what that’s like. But I will pray for you. God cares; talk to him. He values you more than anything else in the world. And He’ll listen to you no matter how you talk to him; you matter to Him. He’ll support you when you need it.

  5. Bre says:

    Hi….. I’ve been hearing about getting imancipated from my mother..I just need to know how to go about it….My problems are similar to the ones listed above….Sometimes i feel like jumping off a bridge, but then i realize i have my whole life ahead of me…. And its not worth it at all…. I get very good grades in school, and responsible…..I would appreciate it if you could give me tips or steps to go towards getting imancipated…….
    Thank you

  6. Brittany says:

    I can’t believe what is goin on in my life. My mom wants to move back to New York to get married to her fiance. I mean, yea I was born there, but who said that I want to move back. Nobody ever asked me if I was okay with any of this crap that is goin on in my life. I don’t understand why he can’t move down here. I asked her why her fiance couldn’t just move down here with us, and the only excuse that she could come up with was “well he has a way better job than me”. I have so many friends down here, and I don’t wanna move. But I am tellin you somethin right now, if I can’t have it my way, and we don’t stay down here, then I am really gonna be bad. I am gonna sneak people in the house, when I am not supposed to have people in the house. I am gonna bump the music so loud, that it will make the whole house shake. I will have boys in the house when she is not there. I will be makin out in the house with the boys. And my big sister is goin off to college, so sneakin people into the house will be grandly easy. And the good thing bout it is that I know this fine boy at school, and he likes me, so I can’t wait to have a make out session with him. We are basically boyfriend and girlfriend. Thats why I am gonna go to his football game on Monday. I like him so much, and besides, he is the only good thing that has happend in my life, this year. I wish someone would take me shopping. Or I wish that Deontre(the boy that I like) was sittin here write by me, while I was writing this. But oh well, I guess life is not fair, cause the only fair thing that I got in my life was Deontre. So, bye bye.

  7. autumn says:

    how do i go about getting immancipated.

  8. thomas says:

    i am apparantly … a Theory Slut. The true elite of the postmodernists, you collect avant-garde Indonesian hiphop compilations and eat journal articles for breakfast. You positively live for theory. It really doesn’t matter what kind, as long as the words are big and the paragraph breaks few and far between.

    on another note, did this thread become a suicide blog or something when i wasn’t looking?

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