Loose Ends in the National Guard Story

Four notes culled from the latest spate of Bush-records and did-he-serve stories.

  1. Thursday we get one limited data dump from the White House, including the spoiled brat traffic record, drawn from some Secret Stash from which they drew the famous dental records. But that dump has no other medical stuff, leading me to wonder what the White House held back.
  2. Friday, the White House dumps what appears to be a different set of documents, fresh from the Pentagon's records dept. They're in such a hurry to dump them that they send them out late Friday, at a time when the positive PR value is the least it could be. No word on how these documents compare or relate the Secret Stash — but we know that they are different documents because the White House tells us that they released them almost as soon as they got them. The documents do include what seem to be medical records, but don't include the separation code.
  3. The White House press secretary is being mighty testy to that nice lady, Helen Thomas.
  4. What seemed to be the killer pro-Bush testimony has been pretty convincingly discredited.
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