Calpundit Interviews Bill Burkett on “Cleansed” Bush Files

In today's must-read, Calpundit: An Interview With Bill Burkett elevates the “cleansed” Bush service files story from the tinfoil hat level to the ohmyg*dthiscantbetruecanit level. I still hope it's not true, for all our sakes, and because I'd like Bush to lose the election on principle, not lack of character. Also, I worry about smear accusations; if the press decides they are false, they rebound badly (actually, the rule doesn't seem to apply to wingnuts, but it sure applies to Democrats).

But true or false, it's in play now.

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6 Responses to Calpundit Interviews Bill Burkett on “Cleansed” Bush Files

  1. “I’d like Bush to lose the election on principle, not lack of character”

    This literally fails to parse for me as a sensible statement. Explain further?

  2. Michael says:

    Sure: I’d like the election to be seen as a decisive rejection of the Bush policies, not turning on some biographical fact from 30 years ago now revealed. Seeing the election as a ‘mandate’ strengthens the hand of the Democratic President in dealing with a likely Republican congress.

    Yes, I know it’s better to win on any grounds than to lose.

    Yes, I know that the ‘strengthening’ may no suffice to break Republican discipline–but if they are really obstructionist that may help in future congressional elections…

    But the best case is to win a “mandate” on policy from the national electorate.

  3. steve says:

    You would just love for this looney’s story to get traction wouldn’t you? Here, read up on some of his writings and you’ll get and idea how close to “precious bodily fluid” territory you are with this guy:

    His story was thoroughly debunked by a friend of his who says, in detail, that it didn’t happen

    You lefties are just too much. Many laughs.

  4. John Kerry says:

    To quote Patrick:

    ” Yes, I know it’s better to win on any grounds than to lose. “


  5. Mike says:

    Patheitc to try to win on FALSE premises, than to lose on the truth. Here’s hoping Kerry falls flat on his face, and the Democratic Party FINALLY cleanses itself of attacks, smears, and gosspis. Let it, again, be the party of Truman, Kennedy and Humphrey, not of Curley, Larry & Moe (aka Kerry, Edwards and McAuliffe).

  6. Doug Richards says:

    Turns out Bill Burkett has lied and forged the memos about President Bush. This so called officer failed in Duty, Honor, Country. Integrity is the foremost character that an officer must have. It is apparent that Mr. Burkett has none.

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