Brad DeLong Attempts Open Source Journalism

Brad DeLong is asking people what questions Tim Russert should ask GW Bush. And he's primed the pump with a few zingers of his own. My reactions in order:

  1. This is exactly how to harness that famous “power of the Internet”
  2. In Britain, they actually do ask Ministers questions like this on Radio 4 and on Newsnight
  3. Anyone who asked a President questions like that in this country would be pilloried as “disrespectful”.
  4. So it won't work. Even if a journalist had the guts, the shill media would turn on him.
  5. This is so very, very sad….
  6. Oh, hell, can't hurt to try. If nothing else we can compare the actual to the hypothetical and maybe some day…
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One Response to Brad DeLong Attempts Open Source Journalism

  1. Tony Daniel says:

    I didn’t see this post yesterday, but I did e-mail Mr. Russert this morning suggesting that he visit Brad’s website and may be ask the president some of the questions posed by Brad and his readers. I’m not too optimistic of the chances of this happening, but I figured it was worth a try.

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