Blocking Ads In Firefox

One thing I have not liked about firefox is that it doesn't play that nice with AdSubtract, the ad-blocking proxy I've come to rely on. It works OK with 2.x, but not great under win98se, and really lousy under win xp. And Firefox's relationship with Adsubtract 3.0—which doesn't claim to support anything other than IE, a really retrograde move—is even worse.

All of a sudden, I think I've found the solution. Google took me to, where there is not only a pointer to a firefox plugin for ad blocking, but also a list of adblock filters and host files to prime the pump. I just hope it works half as well as advertised.

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4 Responses to Blocking Ads In Firefox

  1. Hugh Hyatt says:

    It’s certainly not for everyone, but I’ve been happily using Privoxy (and its predecessors) for a number of years multiple multiple browsers: IE, Opera, various flavors of Mozilla.

  2. dennis says:

    Good luck, and let me know how things work out. The hosts/filters I’ve provided are generated from my own surfing habits, so the things I block may be more or less stringent than some people may prefer. Hopefully it’s a decent starting point, though.

  3. AdLander says:

    The only ad/popup blocker people should be using is Ad Muncher. Tiny and fast with loads of features and it even works on ANY browser.

    One of those rare software gems. 🙂

  4. blade says:

    admuncher was good but then came FireFox with all the good stuff…

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