What So-Called Liberal Media?

Spotted at Brian Leiter's blog.

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  1. Coy says:

    I really don’t know anything about FCC regulations but is this “censorship” allowed under their rules? With regards to the content of the ad, I don’t necessarily think that image portrayed is “contraversial”, but rather an image dictating that our children will some day have to obtain jobs is rather a positive image. However, the creators of the ad obviously are trying to depict it as negative by somehow claiming that the US will resort to Child Labor to pay off its deficit. Child Labor is condemned in the US and will never happen regardless of deficit issues; however, an economy where people have jobs is a good thing. Maybe I’m crazy but working hard regardless of what your doing is a virtue that too many children are not taught these days. That statement is not saying that children should work but rather should be taught that when they have the ability to work as adults they should work hard. However, today’s society pretty much tells everyone that if your job is not linked to a college degree that it is somehow not worthy, every job is worthy and every job has honor because of what a person puts into that job. Too often people fail to see honor in the little things…but rather look at money as a way of obtaining it.


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