They’re Making Us Feel Sorry For Dr. Dean

I am not a Deaniac. I'm an ABB Democrat — anyone (serious) left in the race who can beat Bush is OK with me. I think Dean, like Kerry, Edwards and probably Clark (lack of political experience is a question mark), would make a at least a fine and perhaps a great President. Each candidate has an issue I am not totally comfortable with (for Dean it's trade). I explain this as background to the feeling that the media has been utterly unfair to Dean about his Iowa speech. It was obvious, even before he was forced to 'explain' it, that the speech was about rallying the troops after a disappointing result. And it did its job. That he should be pilloried for one yell of enthusiasm, that the same clip should be run time and again until it becomes surreal, is just nuts. [Update: Mark Kleiman seems to agree.]

Yes, the cheap shot works because it connects to something real—many folks, me included, wonder if Dean's biggest weakness isn't a tendency to shoot off his mouth. But that doesn't stop the 'Dean Goes Nuts' meme from being a cheap shot. (Or being funny sometimes (it's the “I have a scream” speech..), more's the pity.)

Which raises the question…Is this Bush vs. Dean homemade commercial a cheap shot, or fair commentary? I think it's mostly fair. Yes, the Bush behavior it points to was some time ago, but given that character is supposedly the guy's strong flight suit…

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3 Responses to They’re Making Us Feel Sorry For Dr. Dean

  1. Anon says:

    Some of us in the military believe he spent more time politicizing and not enough time being a soldier. Afterall, the REAL reason he was canned was for his partisan politics/tight links with Clinton.

  2. Michael says:

    Well, there are a number of versions of the story floating around. But if the great sin was politics, it’s hardly a first for a general (which doesn’t make it right). But in the case of a general heading an international mission in which the other nations may have different veiws from the US military–which didn’t exactly share the commander in chief’s view–I think it might be more forgivable than usual.

  3. Seth Gordon says:

    Unfortunately, if your Presidential campaign depends on fair and objective treatment from the media, you’re doomed. I’m impressed by how well Dean progressed in the polls through 2003 despite media coverage ranging from dismissive to hostile. If he can pull off the nomination in spite of all that, he will be a worthy successor to Clinton.

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