Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Dept: Cheney Predicts Decades of War

Cheney's grim vision: decades of war / Vice president says Bush policy aimed at long-term world threat

Oh heck. It's too depressing to contemplate just how awful this administration is. Even the politics of this elude me. Do they think that because polls right now show the incumbents as being more trusted on defense issues that the scarier the make the world sound the more votes (and Haliburtondollars) they get? Or is this honest belief? And which is worse?

I remember Bush's first post-9/11 speech, which I also saw in a hotel room, just as I'm in one now reading this. It was very upsetting. I was imagining my children being drafted and killed for his campaign against an ism. This sounds like the more intellectual version of the same thing. But now I'm more angry than upset.

Give me Dean, Clark, Edwards, even Kerry (uninspiring). Heck even Gephardt (unelectable) or Lieberman (unprincipled). Anything.

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