Nofziger Says Bush Guest Worker Plan Will Enrage His Base

Lynn Nofziger, blogger, opines that George Bush's electorally timed guest worker plan will backfire politically.

Yes, Nofziger is nuts. But he's canny. And he knows the Republican base from the inside, because he's one of them.

Musings. The president apparently has no problem with illegal immigration or immigrants. He comes close to favoring open borders.

And he has conservatives madder than they’ve been since his father signed the infamous tax increase legislation back in l990.

The president’s proposal may be merely a political ploy designed to win the votes of Mexican Americans and the friendship of Mexico’s president, Vicente Fox.

And he may never propose legislation to support his proposal and even if he does it likely will not pass, which may be his hope.

However, with his speech he has done two things, both bad. First, his proposal at the very least will be seen by Mexicans as an invitation to come here anyway they can because this administration will shut its eyes to illegal immigrants.

Second, while, like country club Republicans, of which he is not supposed to be one, he seems to have judged that conservatives will grudgingly accept his latest “in your teeth” proposal because they have no place else to go.

If that is the case he, like his father before him, is wrong. Conservatives do have some place else to go when they get mad enough. It is called “home.”

(If you follow the link to read the whole thing, you have to scroll down. Nofziger's html is quite charmingly old fashioned.)

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