Hacking Is Not Politics As Usual

I've just started reading Talk Left, and mostly I like it, but I disagree strongly with the recent suggestion there that concern over the likely breaking and entering into the Democrats' Judiciary Committee computer files is just a “pointless distraction” from the selection of judges, or that the hack was politics as usual. I think that's too close to Republican spin ('ignore our crimes but your politics are treason', cf. Today's Political Vocabulary Lesson.) Also, there's reason to believe that this is a more general phenomenon that started with the breakin to the Democratic computer files on the Intelligence committee, see Second Data Point on Theft of Democratic Memos. If there is any sort of organized Republican hacking campaign into democratic Senate files, that deserves to found out and exposed and prosecuted. Hacking into private files is not — should not be — politics as usual.

And the Democrats ought to get gnu PGP ASAP.

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