I Trust the Professional Prosecutors on This One

washingtonpost.com: Leaks Probe Is Gathering Momentum. The good news is that the professional prosecutors are getting heavily involved in the Plame Affair. The bad news is that Ashcroft isn't recusing himself. It sounds as if there is enough momentum here that if the professionals decided to prosecute there's no way Ashcroft could stop them. Worst case, he warns folks in the admnistration about what's coming down, most likely allowing damage control operations. (Very worst case, he sabotages the prosecutors by spilling beans, but I think that Justice has done all the obstruction it can get away with already, by giving the administration 24 hours to shred stuff before moving in to seal records.)

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2 Responses to I Trust the Professional Prosecutors on This One

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  2. Swopa says:

    I agree. I wrote almost three months ago that the career prosecutors at DoJ were really our best hope for justice on this.

    After all, remember who would appoint a special prosecutor, if there was to be one. In fact, as I implied in the post linked above, if the career prosecutors look to have the goods on someone like Rove, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ashcroft use the naming of a “loyal” special prosecutor to take the investigation out of their hands.


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