Dean’s Supporters Are What’s Best About His Campaign

Stuff like this from Escapable Logic illustrate what's best about the Dean campaign.

I could be a ferverent supporter but for the fear that grips me. Not of “McGovernite” tendencies for they are largely mythical. Not of the possiblity that this or something equally false and dumb will be seized on by the Republican smear machine, because that's inevitable whoever the candidate is, that's been the Bush family M.O. at least since I was campaigning against them in the Republican primaries in Connecticut in 1980.

No, what scares me is that while the candidate has a gift for being quite inspirational, he also has excellent aim for his own feet. The current records flap is a minor example, but a good one….although (on third try) his recovery is not bad….

(Oh yeah, the trade stuff bugs me too, but you can't have everything.)

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