MKB Docket Says Government Reply Due Dec. 3

Who you gonna believe, AP or the Supreme Court web site? The newly revised Docket for 03-6747 says,

Nov 3 2003 Response Requested . (Due December 3, 2003)

Nov 3 2003 Brief amicus curiae of Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press filed.

That “Response” is the one from the Government that the AP reported had no deadline (which would have been very odd). If anyone has a pointer to an online copy of the Reporter's Committee brief, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks to Marty Lederman for the heads up.

Incidentally, I discovered yesterday that one of my new, wonderful colleagues, Ricardo Bascuas was at the Miami PD's office when this all happened, and is writing an article on the M.K.B. case.

Update: Marty Lederman has full procedural details at the SCOTUSBlog

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