Abandon All Hope Ye Who Quote Here

It’s common for academics to bring early drafts to conferences, and to warn readers that the papers shouldn’t be quoted or cited, and that indeed the author may well change his mind. That said, this author’s note from Dan Hunter and Greg Lastowka on their paper Virtual Crimes is unusually robust:

Important Note: This is a very preliminary draft, reflecting certain unresolved and undisclosed disagreements between the two authors and subject to complete and unequivocal disclaimer by both. We warn you only once that Lord Nagafen WILL STRIKE YOU DEAD if you so much as think about citing this or using this as an account of what we think. Additionally, the authors expressly reserve the right to seek redress against any such offenders by the well-established common law procedures of torture, ordeal, and trial by combat

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  1. Dan Hunter says:

    Lord Nagafen is on his way.


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