The World Needed This

If you have no interest in learning better Linux or Perl, skip this. If you are a Linux or Perl Deity, skip this. If, like me, you want to improve your basic Linux and pidgin Pearl to, say, halting fluency, help is a download away. Get the The Regex Coach – interactive regular expressions. Download it, and rejoice to live in a world in which people just make free useful goodies available for the rest of us.

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2 Responses to The World Needed This

  1. Larry Staton Jr. says:

    I just wish I could use regular expressions to search Lexis or WestLaw!

    We had a LoisLaw rep in last week and I told him that he could further distinguish the LoisLaw service by allowing searching via regular expressions. His eyes glazed over and he said that he’d look into it. Sigh.

  2. The latest edition of my Learning Perl book has a greatly expanded tutorial on regular expressions. Check it out!

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