The Second Time As Farce

Beautiful Horizons is where I go to find the Latin American stories that the local newspapers miss. Today's is a doozy: Cuba and Bioweapons. The jist of it is simple: the Adminstration is accusing Cuba of being Up To Something with bioweapons…but it has no evidence of anything. That's what's so suspicious, explains an Administration source: “It's a question more of them exciting suspicions by not being open. I don't know of any tangible stuff that shows yes, they are making anthrax [or anything else]. There is stuff we don't know about.” Yes, Castro is not inviting us in to see everything he's got! He's up to no good!

If it sounds like you've heard something like this before about some other country…you probably have.

Obligatory Castro-related disclaimer: Everyone in Miami hates Castro. Especially if we wish to live. Even those of us who think that the only thing keeping Castro in power is the embargo, and wish we treated Cuba the way we used to treat Poland (basically, entrapping its government in economic and cultural exchanges that brought the regime to its knees), would be happy to see Castro replaced by a democratic government (but not, preferably, by carpet-bagging revanchists).

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