Coronal Mass Ejection Headed Our Way

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Earth put on solar storm alert:

Imminent disruption is predicted for satellites, power systems and even mobile phones because of a solar storm.

It comes from one of the largest groups of sunspots seen for years. On Thursday superhot gas erupted above them.

The event, called a Coronal Mass Ejection, sent 10 billion tonnes of superhot gas speeding towards Earth.

As well as communication blackouts, aurorae – polar lights – may be seen from mid-latitudes as the gas arrives.

“10 billion tonnes of Superhot gas”? Speeding our way? I left the car in the sun yesterday, and when I got into it in the late afternoon, the thermometer said 111 degrees Fahrenheit (ie 43.8 Celsius). Isn't that hot enough already?

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2 Responses to Coronal Mass Ejection Headed Our Way

  1. Brad DeLong says:

    Putting a thermometer in a car to tell you the internal temperatures is a *bad* idea…

  2. Michael says:

    Comes standard in the Volvo–built in to the digital dashboard display… Besides it is very useful for inter-spousal conversations along the lines of ‘you forgot to put up the sunshade and when I got in the car it was…’

    Although the scary thing about the 111 degrees is that it was WITH the sunshade up (but the windows were tightly closed; opening them caused a huge drop in the temperature).

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