A Visual Joke And Also A Decent Exam Question

Here's a fun visual joke from David Weinberg that he calls Trademark Registered Copyright (and which he has placed in the public domain, thereby preventing the hypo from becoming a realo). I suspect that with only a little effort, it could be turned into a nice exam question in Trademark law. Which I'm not teaching this semseter.

What I need is exam questions for Administrative Law and especially International Law, which I'm teaching for the first time.

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4 Responses to A Visual Joke And Also A Decent Exam Question

  1. Taint says:

    1) Can an agency hold someone in contempt? If it can’t, can it enforce sanctions in court? Can such a decision to seek sanctions be reviewed administratively reviewed under the APA — and if so, should the court abstain until the agency finishes its review. (Insert wacky fact pattern)

    2) Which court(s) has jurisdiction to hear an appeal from a reparations action from the CFTC where the Petitioner resides in the following cities: Miami, Fairbanks, Dallas, New York, Trenton, Baghdad.

    3) Did the APA merely “organize” one’s right to judicial review, or does it actually provide substantive rights. Explain your answer citing cases and a common vein of legal theory.

  2. arthur says:

    If you add a fourth exponent, with a u in a circle, you’ll be trademarked, copyrighted, and also kosher for passover!

  3. Michael says:

    Of course, if it were an exam question, we put the U under the TM and ask if they can do that, and why or why not.

  4. Taint says:

    Then put a line though it (like the “no smoking” signs) and ask them whether it can still be infringed upon.

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