The Year That Anything Can Happen

If the Cubs can win the division title, then anything is possible (except Washington DC getting a team…). So please don't tell me the Democrats can't win a majority in the Senate. If the Cubs win the World Series, can Democrats dream of a two-house sweep, even despite the DeLay anti-hispanic redistricting in Texas?

Seriously, if senior Bush aides really outed a CIA agent for petty political pique, and the President didn't lift a finger to investigate the matter for months, this will resonate in the heartland. Add in the constant drip, drip of casualties, plus reservists serving longer tours than anyone expected without much feeling of achievement, not to mention respected commentators saying Bush is destroying the Army, and economists nearly unaninimous that Bush is destroying the economy, it is now possible to imagine an electoral dynamic in which Republican congresspeople run away from the Bush White House. And in which their opponents make hay by tying them to Bush policies.

It is no more inevitable than the Cubs winning. But never say never.

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  1. Actually, not to undermine your point, but I honestly don’t believe that there will be much of an uproar about this incident, aside from stewing amongst political talkers. Bear in mind that this whole snafu began back in July, with Wilson’s Op-Ed in The NYTimes. Considering that it went this long without ANYONE lifting a finger (short of Wilson himself) until Tenet finally stepped in, chances are it will only make a simple blurb in the main headlines coming up this week, and maybe stay alive for a week or two. In the end, though, people will forget about it and move along to the next little news item. My estimates say this will take about 9 days.

    That’s one of the main problems with the average American. Lately, you could easily erase an entire week’s worth of headlines by following them with “J Lo and Affleck Adopt Puppy,” or something of the sort.

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