The Strange Case of the (Mostly) Invisbile Archive – A Movable Type Glitch?

I'm having an odd problem with Movable Type, the great free software that powers this blog. The template that provides the monthly archives is acting up. It works fine in Mozilla—showing me the whole month's worth of stuff—but when I test it in IE (under Windows), it only shows the earliest post for the month. Yet, when I view the source code, the text for the month is all there. It's just not getting shown by the browser. I've downloaded the archive page, and the same thing happens when I view it as a local file. (I suspect I'm having a similar problem with the daily archive but haven't tested as much.)

Anyone out there who can shed light on this?

Update: Thanks to a very helpful reader, it's fixed! It seems I had a bad closing-comment tag, and IE is just fussier about those.

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