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Random Cheering

That is what they are doing in groups in the bleachers. Because my view of the bleachers, themselves at a right angle to the podium, is obstructed by a phalanx of TV cameras on a giant riser, I can’t tell if they are being egged on by someone, if a TV camera is panning the crowd and they are performing for it, or this is just a way to practice for the next Canes game.

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Groundhog Day Appreciation

Groundhog Day Is Worth Revisiting, Wouldn’t You Say? is Chris Lough’s appreciation of the 1993 movie.

Groundhog Day is one of the very few movies I’ve willingly seen more than once, and this essay captures why. I think it’s the only thing I ever liked Bill Murray in (I liked Ghostbusters, but didn’t like him in it; haven’t seen Lost in Translation yet) so I commend the review (and the movie) to you.

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