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Winning Graphics

SandersClintonI don’t know who made that picture, I saw it at Down With Tyranny, but it’s the sort of thing that wins elections.

Graphics like the following, from the same source, are much more informational, but I think much less effective for most people:

Update: Does Rand Paul belong in the top picture? I thought he was more isolationist. Actually, if you go by the second debate, wasn’t Donald Trump also?

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Line of the Day

It’s early, but I’m calling it for this parenthetical aside in the NYT’s retelling of Carly Fiorina’s disastrous turn as HP’s CEO:

The centerpiece of those deals was the company’s $24.2 billion merger with Compaq Computer, which divided the HP board and greatly increased the company’s work force, size and breadth of products.

The deal was so personal to Mrs. Fiorina that she referred to HP as “Héloïse” and Compaq as “Abélard,” a pair whose romantic letters became treasures of medieval French literature, which she studied at Stanford. (Abélard was eventually castrated after fights with Héloïse’s family, a detail Compaq executives were unaware of at the time.)

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Short and Sour

Props to the Clinton campaign for this video summing up the painful GOP debate on Wednesday:

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Beyond Parody

So here’s the thing. Trump will have approved the script. How much of it is actually parody? At times it was painfully hard to tell.

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Where’s Bernie?

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Trump in Your Head

Folks from Miami make a video about Donald Trump:

Could be better, but it’s a start and it has its moments.

The Miami Herald has more details about whodunnit.

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Beyond Trumperdome

This kind of talk, from a WashPo piece quoting supporters at yesterday’s rally, is what powers the Trump machine:

Cheryl Burns, 60, was on a road trip from California when she heard that Trump would be in Alabama. She turned her car around and got in line, warning people of what happened to states when liberals took them over.

“There is no more California,” Burns said. “It’s now international, lawless territory. Everything is up for grabs. Illegal aliens are murdering people there. People are being raped. Trump isn’t lying about anything — the rest of the country just hasn’t found out yet.”

Various online commentators have suggested that the two attackers of a homeless Hispanic man in Boston, who cited Trump as their motivation, are the forerunners of American Brownshirts. And, certainly, Trump’s weak initial reaction was yet another indication of his general ugliness. Trump did get around to a proper condemnation of the attack after two days; either Trump didn’t want to upset his base, or (equally likely) he’s terribly staffed: either is pretty bad.

As a big fan of It Can’t Happen Here, I’m always alert for those brown signals, but I didn’t find nearly as strong signal in the actions of a couple of thugs (so long as it remains just a couple…) as I do in quotes like the one above. If large numbers of voters are living a reality-distortion zone in which California is now Mad Max land, anything is possible.

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