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Pretty Close to Brilliant

John Oliver on the RNC convetion.

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History Repeats Itself

Confessions of a Republican (II)

Alas, this is the tragedy version.

(Version I of “Confessions of a Republican” (1964) by the same Bill Bogert & the back story.)

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Notre Temps, Autres Mores

Think of the children is a cliche, but it works.

Meanwhile, I’m not sorry to be in France during the GOP convention. The other day the French had a big celebration about Brexit or something and I enjoyed the fireworks.

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How Come I Never Noticed This Before?

at-birth2Donald Trump & Boris Johnson sure look a lot alike

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My First 100 Days as President 

Day 14:

I’ll meet with China, and tell China to his face that he has absolutely No respect for us and that things are about to change, big time.

via My First 100 Days as President .

Reminds me of the ‘Dear Bill’ letters. Only that was the spouse.

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“Release The Measurements”

Video brought to you by Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC. Really.

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Outstanding Graphic


From WashPo’s Wonkblog.

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