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Be Afraid

This is perfect:

spotted via panGloss.

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I Didn’t Expect It So Soon

From Naked Capitalism, Police State Watch: NYPD to Install Checkpoints, Demand ID in Lower Manahttan on OWS Anniversary:

As it happens, I am teaching a seminar on the Regulation of Identification, and also writing about it. Timely!

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SFDB Not-So-Random Thought Of The Day

I like this question from South Florida Daily Blog:

Florida law requires concealed carry weapon permit holders to be U.S. citizens. Just like voting laws.

So I’m wondering what the reaction would be from the NRA and the Republican Party if the Democrat Party led a purge of CCW permit holders much like Governor Scott has led a purge of voting rolls. You know, review the information contained in State databases and send letters to those CCW holders whose citizenship status could not be verified.

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US ID Card Policy: Not Very Coherent

From Eye On Miami, a real and true story. Forgive me for quoting in full, but it’s too delicious:

After a number of automatic renewals of my drivers license, The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles sent me a notice, requiring me to present in person three categories of proof of identity for a new license. Mine is set to expire in one month. I though this was a little excessive, but hey: you can’t be too careful these days, not after 9/11. So I signed up online for an appointment– so far, so good. I collected various proof of identity (a passport, bank statements, tax bills, health insurance card) and appeared at the duly appointed time and day having braved nearly an hour of traffic.

At the door, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles refused to accept documentation I provided to renew my license because I did not have my social security card. A passport, bank statements, health care card, tax bills were insufficient proof of identity according to the three categories, nor living in the same house for twenty five years. The DMV sent me to the Social Security Administration for a replacement of my social security card so I could prove identity to renew my drivers license.

There, for proof of identification Social Security accepted my … drivers license.

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Genuine Tinfoil Solution to ID Hacking

Foil Electronic Pickpockets with Aluminum Foil or Multiple Credit Cards — Lifehacker.

(Not really ‘politics’ but I couldn’t resist putting this under “tinfoil”.)

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French Constitutional Court says French Biometric ID Card Legislation is Unconstitutional

The somewhat impenetrable decision is Decision no. 2012-652 DC. Discussion at Official: stillborn French biometric ID card scheme not just extra-terrestrial but also unconstitutional, 13 times over. My first guess is that this is pretty significant.

Maybe it’s time to revise Identity Cards and Identity Romanticism?

Spotted via PogoWasRight.

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The App that Ate the Plastic Card

There’s a lot of smart stuff about why the mobile Starbucks phone app caught on and the Mondex digital cash card failed in Dave Birch’s latest at ‘Consult Hyperion’. If you are into e-payments, you should read it, but then if you are into e-payments you’ve probably been reading him for a long time.

All this is partly an excuse to repost this paragraph, that made me laugh:

Incidentally, I got an e-mail from Starbucks telling me that from now on if I use my Starbucks app to buy in-store then the staff can call me by my name. I had to go and log in to my Starbucks account to find out what name I’d used when I set it up. Naturally, I hadn’t used my “real name”, which in this case is pretty handy. When they call out “Latte with extra shot for Dave” there might be many Daves and so confusion, but when they call out “Latte with extra shot for Theogenes de Montford” I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one up at the counter. But I digress.

I so get that. But somehow I never do it.

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