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Good Karma, Bad Karma

I’m busy. Read Grimmelmann and Grossman…and of the Karma Police.

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Interview About Jotwell

The Scholastica Blog interviewed me about Jotwell.

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Guest Post at The Volokh Conspiracy

See Self-defense against overflying drones (with Zak Colangelo). It’s a quick summary of some of the arguments in our (draft) paper on Self-Defense Against Robots.

I wonder–am I the most liberal guest-poster ever at Volokh’s blog? Must surely be in the top five at least.

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SFDB Calls Time Out

Over at South Florida Daily Blog, Rick says it is Closing Time for his local blog aggregator and regional lens.

This is a shame — SFDB was a great asset to the South Florida blogging community of which I am only a very peripheral part. But I’m sure it was an awful lot of work, and he sounds if not burnt out then at least a little toasty.

I’ll miss SFDB. Only consolation is that Rick hung up on a a really successful local blog once before, then come back for a great second act. So can we hope for a third?

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The Consumerist

The Consumerist linked to and summarized my treadmill saga with a typically pungent headline, Sears Annoys The Crap Out Of Customer For Weeks, Still Doesn’t Deliver Treadmill.

[Next Installment: Final Sears Treadmill Delivery Disaster Post]

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No Kidding

Local politics gadfly, “Ladra,” in the course of fulminating about voter suppression in Hialeah, turns to fulminating about people surprised at voter suppression in Hialeah:

Hellllooo? Do you not read Political Cortadito? Do you think I’m kidding? I’m not even exaggerating most of the time.

via Intimidation at JFK starts early in early voting | Political Cortadito.

Yes, she is the blogger Hialeah deserves.

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“Speaking Fluent Terrarium”

Some time back, someone invented a game the object of which was to write a blog post that used a phrase unique to Google. If I recall, you got the most points for a single word, then for two common words together, then for three in a unique order, and so on. Ironically, I have no recollection of who invented it, or where it appeared, or even what search terms to use to find it, which is why I can’t link to it now. (If it wasn’t Making Light, it probably should have been.)

All this is by preface to today’s Google-unique mix of three words which appear in a Crooks & Liars takedown of a NYT op-ed, Bill Keller has a sad over Social Security, Medicare: “speaking fluent terrarium”.

Yup, that’s a new one alright.

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