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Vote (Eminem edition)

Politics makes strange bedfellows. I’m no fan of Eminem, but here’s his music video for Biden/Harris, purportedly a unique licensing of his music for a political cause.

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(In case you haven’t already, tomorrow is your last chance….)

(Image from a nice mailer from the Democratic Party that arrived on Saturday.)

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Who Says Joe Biden Can’t Be Animated?

Love this Biden “Silence Him” ad, and it’s going viral:

Bonus animation: MAGA Airlines:

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They Say an Election is Like a Job Interview

Let’s make that simile concrete, shall we….

Video by Win America Back PAC.

I don’t know why, but I particularly like this one. Really makes its point without bludgeoning the viewer.

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It’s Bad All the Way Down

People for the American Way teamed up with The Lincoln Project to make this video called “Cruel“. There’s also a Spanish-language version:

Immigration policy is the most straightforwardly cruel thing the Trump admin has done; but COVID failures, environmental rollbacks and destruction, and benefits cuts (attempts — and some successes — cutting medical care, food stamps, other programs for the poor) are also awful.  Give me a few minutes I could no doubt double or triple the list.

Can you name a single Cabinet department that has not been engaging in awful policies? I can’t.

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Miami-Dade Politics in a Tortilla Shell

In the course of a long essay explaining what’s going in in Florida voting and why it’s going to be a very close race, Steve Schale, long-time guru of the Democratic ground game in Florida, tries to explain Miami-Dade politics to the world:

It is important to remember for those who are tweeting at me about Dade that is basically a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, stuffed into a empanada, doused with hot sauce, and barreling down I-95 at 90mph in a Honda Civic in the emergency lane with the driver leaning out the window holding a couch that is tied to nothing yet somehow balancing on the car roof in a driving rain storm with no windshield wipers, or functioning turn signals.

I get the concern about Dade from Democrats. I also get it is a place that beats to its own drummer. The bad news: GOP turnout rates are higher than Democrats. The reality: that doesn’t overly worry me as a single data point. The GOP machine is very good in Miami – and particularly in the Cuban community, there is a real effort to get people to vote by mail and vote early. And Democrats tend to catch up over time.

Keep in mind a few things: there are more Republican Hispanic registered voters than Democrats. I think folks often forget this. Both parties are turning out a fairly equal percentage of new and sporadic voters – so a lot of their advantage is just a function of their voters voting earlier – just like that is benefiting us elsewhere. Also, I looked at some similar data from 2016 later in this same week – and the registration spreads between the two parties were pretty similar.

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