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TIME to Go


Trump once said on the campaign trail that he would approve of torture as President, “even if it doesn’t work.” With four weeks left to Election Day, he seemed to be testing the proposition on the public.

Inside Donald Trump’s Total Meltdown | TIME.

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A Plea from the UK

You’re So Vain

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Robert DeNiro Unloads on Trump

Epic stuff via Crooks & Liars

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The Morning After

Kaine won the morning.

Pence sure lied a lot.

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Lousy Ad

I don’t know who this Democratic Coalition Against Trump is.  I like their URL.  But I don’t at all care for this web ad they’ve done — it strikes me as utterly ineffective.  The issue of Trump being in the tank for Putin — or just a dupe — is a serious one.  This doesn’t help.

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