I Wonder if this Teaching Technique Would Work In Law School

Kai Chang writes about his favorite college professor, who was also a self-confessed liar. See Overcoming Bias: My Favorite Liar for the details.

It's an interesting idea; I wonder if it would work in law school or if students would resent it. There's also the risk that people would free ride and wait for the answer in the next class. I suppose, though, that one could give some class participation credit for being the first to ID the answer…

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2 Responses to I Wonder if this Teaching Technique Would Work In Law School

  1. Dui says:

    A lie a day huh? Brilliant! Yes, it would work in law school. Fits in very well with the critical thinking required. Personally, I would not resent it.

  2. Dui says:

    Dangit! Your “cheapo server” zapped my comment.

    The short version of it was that this is brilliant. A lie a day is a great idea. It would not be resented in law school, and it should work well.

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