Get Paid To Find Typos & Other Errors

Evan Schaeffer offers cash bounties to readers who spot errors in his blog, Notes from the (Legal) Underground

What will you earn? $20 for each typographical error, $10 for each grammatical error, and $5 for each clever demonstration of how I can omit needless words.

Who is eligible? All readers. While before, I welcomed your e-mails and comments informing me of my stupid mistakes, now I'm going to pay you too.

Why am I doing this? Number one, I hate errors. Number two, I love the way good copy editors can make writing sharper and more focused. Number three, by giving myself a financial motive to improve my own editing skills, I hope I'll accomplish these goals myself, without having to pay you very much.

There are a number of conditions and exceptions, so read the rules before you play.

I would no doubt be broke if I tried this, just on the typos alone. But Mr. Shaeffer blogs less frequently, plus he is a practicing lawyer, so he can probably afford it. Plus, looks to me like he's actually quite careful—and even he's out of pocket $195 since starting this open-source proofreading thing about three weeks ago.

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5 Responses to Get Paid To Find Typos & Other Errors

  1. Michael says:

    We have team of employees, shall we work on your requirement.

  2. joette pete says:

    Error on descroption of your site. In the second paragraph, last sentence. The last word should be to not too.

    • joette pete says:

      Error on description of your site. In the second paragraph, last sentence. The last word should be to not too.

      • Donna says:

        Not to sound rude in any way, but I think he meant to use the word too instead of to. He was saying that before he welcomed emails pointing out mistakes, but now would pay you too. As in, in addition to welcoming the mistakes being pointed out, you would now be paid also, therefore the word too is correct in this instance. I understand your thinking though. You were thinking along the lines of being paid to do it, so that to would be correct instead of too, but I do think he meant too as in also.

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