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Mysteries of Twitter (II)

Question-markEach section of JOTWELL is set up with a basically identical wordpress blog. (Don’t ask why, there were good reasons to do it that way when we started.)

Each section forwards posts to twitter via Twitter Feed. The tweets appear at the Jotwell twitter feed. Most of them look terrible — the user photo we run is blown up to show a gigantic close-up of the author’s forehead! But some don’t. They look just like they should. I can’t figure out what’s different about them.

Bonus puzzle: Back in 2011, one Jason Otwell grabbed the “Jotwell” handle on Twitter. He posted once in 2012, once in 2014, and once in 2015. I’d like to ask him if he’d donate the account to us – it would be a good deed and might be worth a charitable donation. But either I can’t locate him, or can’t get him to return my snail mail or email. How do I figure out how to communicate with him?

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Jotwell Makes ABA’s “Blawg 100” List

Blawg100HonoreeBadgeHappy to learn Jotwell got selected by the ABA for its 9th annual Blawg 100 list.

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Wanted: Jotwell Editor for ’15-’16 Academic Year

nowhiringJotwell, the online journal of reviews of recent faculty scholarship relating to the law, needs a U.Miami law student editor for the ’15-’16 Academic Year. The ideal candidate will be organized, a careful editor, and enjoy reading legal scholarship. The workload typically runs 8-10 hours per week (maybe a little more right at the start), and is paid at the law school’s research assistant scale, which in most cases is $13/hr. Jotwell uses WordPress to publish, but it is easy to learn, so no experience needed.

If you are interested, please email your c.v. (aka “your résumé”) and a copy (unofficial is fine) of your transcript to me at (making the appropriate substitutions). Please put “JOTWELL 2015-16” and your name in the subject line.

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Interview About Jotwell

The Scholastica Blog interviewed me about Jotwell.

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It’s That Time of Year Again

…when I ask you to vote for Jotwell at the ABA Law Blog 100 competition (look under “profs”). Mom – you don’t have to be a lawyer to vote.

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Jotwell Conference Friday & Saturday

Great lineup!

JOTWELL 5TH anniversary Conference

Legal Scholarship We Like and Why It Matters

University of Miami School of Law
Nov 7-8, 2014

Friday Nov 7

1pm Welcome
Vice-Dean Patrick Gudridge, Welcome
A. Michael Froomkin, A Little About Jotwell

1:15 – 2:00
Steven L. Winter, When Things Went Terribly, Terribly Wrong Part II

2:15- 3:00
Patrick Gudridge, Past Present (Revised Version)

3:15 – 4:30 Counterpoint
Jeanne Schroeder and David Carlson, Improving Oneself and Ones Clients; Not the World
Neil Buchanan, Legal Scholarship Makes the World a Better Place

4:45 – 5:30 Keynote Address
Margaret Jane Radin, Then and Now: Developing Your Scholarship, Developing Its Audience

5:30- 6:30
Reception, Faculty Lounge

7:00 ->
Conference Dinner

Sat Nov 8


9:30 – 10:45 Counterpoint:
James Chen, Modeling Law Review Impact Factors as an Exponential Distribution
Patrick Woods, Stop Counting (Or At Least Count Better)

11- 11:45
Benjamin Keele, Improving Digital Publishing of Legal Scholarship

Mark Tushnet, The Federal Courts Junior Scholars Workshop (originally submitted as a contribution to Jotwell).


2:15- 3:00
Frank Pasquale, Symbiotic Law & Social Science: The Case for Political Economy in the Legal Academy, and Legal Scholarship in Political Economy

3:15 – 4:00
James Grimmelmann, Scholars, Teachers, and Servants


Accepted papers from scholars unable to attend:

Angela Mae Kupenda, Personal Essay–On the Receiving End of Influence: Helping Craft the Scholarship of My Students and How Their Work Influences Me

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