2 thoughts on “Stop Windows from Copying Files Accidentally When Ctrl-Click Selecting

  1. I can stop those accidental copy when I want to cntrl click ! Yayyyyyy !
    This machine runs Vista (noooooooooooooo).

    I have a rule. Never ever ever ever manually edit the file register. Ever.

    But thanks for the link. I have been wondering how to do that for years. I don’t dare try, but at least I know that it can be done.

  2. I just did it. I edited the file registry. Now the only rule I haven’t broken is the rule to never ever try to turn off any Sandy_Bridge processors which might happen to belong to Michael Froomkin using a 3G network.

    I will never ever do any such thing. Not even if this computer never works right again because I manually edited the file registry having been lead astray by a post to which this post sent me.

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