The RAV4

That gurgling noise was the water pump leaking.

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  1. Joe1 says:

    I bought a RAV4 last fall after spending $2000 on fuel tank repairs for my 2005 LeSabre in 2009 and replacing the transmission on the same car in 2008, at a cost of $4500. Fitzgerald Buick in Rockville wouldn’t even tell me what was wrong with the transmission, so I sent a nasty e-mail to Jack Fitzgerald and told him to kiss my ass, I’d never buy another GM vehicle. I rented a RAV4 in August to take my daughter to Atlanta, and I liked it. I talked to a mechanic after that who said his sister owned a RAV4, and had 225,000 miles on it. She replaced the transfer cases after 210,000 miles, but had done nothing else to it. At the time I bought the RAV4, consumer reports still rated it very high, at least equal to the Honda CRV. My RAV4 has a six cylinder engine and 4 wheel drive, XM radio, six-disk player, enhanced sound, bluetooth, and, most important, the strengthened suspension package for towing.

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