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Funny Bit of Palin Interview

Boztopia, links to a funny Palin quote, “What exactly is it the VP does every day?”.

In context, it's not as bad as it could be, but I could see it in commercials out of context, over and over and over…

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McCain’s Desperation Move: Sarah Palin

I look forward to how the GOP explains that Gov. Palin is ready to be President.

Meanwhile, here is a tiny bit of Palin-bashing, since it is Friday.

  • The kindest thing Progressive Alaska can say is that she's Photogenic. Note: the Vogue cover is photoshopped; reality is boring.
  • What's the right historical parallel?
    • Jonathan Singer, MyDD, Sarah Palin is Spiro Agnew?
    • Harriet Miers (pace Scarborough)?
    • Dukakis?
    • Powerline, a very conservative blog, says, Geraldine Ferraro: “If she really is the nominee, will it come across as a desperation move, a Hail Mary, as Mondale's choice of Ferraro did in 1984? I'm afraid so. Her experience just doesn't justify a place on the ticket.”
  • Palin's Foreign Policy Experience — none, basically.
  • A little whiff of scandal: Palin staff pushed to have trooper fired:

    Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday revealed an audio recording that shows an aide pressuring the Public Safety Department to fire a state trooper embroiled in a custody battle with her sister.

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Friday McBush Bashing (Democratic Convention Edition)

Seems Democrats were busy with something or other the past few days.

[More or less reverse chronological order this week — the newest thing first instead of last]

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Gov. Crist Does Florida No Favors With This One

Freed from tacking to the center for his national ambitions — or smarting from being rejected for being insufficiently red-meat conservative perhaps — Gov. Crist has pulled a Jeb Bush:

Figure in Clinton Impeachment Is Named to Florida Supreme Court: In a move that drew praise from conservatives, Gov. Charlie Crist on Thursday named to the State Supreme Court a former congressman who played a major role in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.
The appointee, Charles T. Canady, 54, spent eight years in Congress before being named an appeals court judge in 2002 by Gov. Jeb Bush.

While in Congress, Mr. Canady was one of the House managers who handled the impeachment case against Mr. Clinton.

This is a divisive appointment.

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Ubiquity Looks Cool

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Introducing Ubiquity.

The Borg marches on?

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The Speech

In case you missed history: Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC,

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