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Oregon GOP’s Idea of What Constitutes Criminals and Terrorists: Democrats

Look past the shtick in Scrubbing the Oregon GOP at Jesus' General, and you find the sort of news about my co-nationals that really creeps me.

If the story can be believed, it seems that the Oregon GOP duly passed a plank at its convention that said,

7.5 Inter-jurisdictional agency cooperation shall be improved for more effective joint action against organized crime, drug cartels, terrorist networks and the Oregon Democratic Party.

Yup. Drug dealers, terrorists and Oregon Democrats. All kind of similar in the crackpot view of the Oregon GOP.

But when called on it, someone quickly scrubbed the website. But you can see the old version at the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine.

Perhaps it was someone's idea of a joke inserted on the website? I hope. But in a world of right-wing eliminationist rhetoric (see multiple posts of David Neiwert's on this at Orcinus) there's all too much reason to fear it was for real.

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Forgot to mention that I was on the radio yesterday, on Marketplace PM in Jeremy Hobson's entertaining story, There's only one Burger King in this town.

And, yes, it's about trademarks again.

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Read the Review

I recommend this DailyKos review of Ronald Brownstein's “The Second Civil War: How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America.” SusanG writes What Brownstein Gets Wrong: Just About Everything.

It begins as follows:

Nearly everything is wrong with this book, and every one of us should read it.

Only problem is, by the time I'm done with the review I really don't want to read the book…

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France Says Immunity is Forever

Contradicting a series of international law decisions by multiple national and international tribunals, and citing a missive from the French Foreign Ministry, a French court has ruled that ministerial immunity against torture charges persists past the minister's retirement.

Based on this dramatically deviant assertion by the French Foreign Ministry, the French court of first instance dismissed the torture charges filed against Donald Rumsfeld in France.

Details on what happened and how it deviates from international law as it is commonly understood at the Center for Constitutional Rights, France in Violation of Law Grants Donald Rumsfeld Immunity, Dismisses Torture Complaint.

Is this (pro-US) French President Nicolas Sarkozy's doing? It certainly seems an odd decision for Bernard Kouchner, the former socialist and co-founder of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) turned Foreign Minister.

It also seems like the sort of decision a decent court system would overturn on appeal.

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Kudos (Again) to Sen. Dodd

via techPresident: Dodd Breaks the Frame, Asks YouTube Question of GOPers

Finally, a presidential candidate has seized the opportunity presented by the CNN/YouTube debates … it looks like the creative minds at Chris Dodd's campaign—which has already distinguished itself with a string of web innovations—were paying attention. A few days ago, they posted this question from Senator Dodd for this Wednesday's Republican CNN/YouTube event:

Direct link to video.

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Time to Ban Police Use of Tasers?

Amnesty International says,

Since June 2001, there have been more than 270 TASER-related deaths in the United States. AI is concerned that TASERs are being used as tools of routine force—rather than as weapons of last resort. Rigorous, independent, impartial study of their use and effects is urgently needed.

By all means let's get the data. It's possible that the people killed by tasers might have been shot to death by police limited to their traditional guns and truncheons. But I doubt it.

Not to mention the non-lethal abuses — like the 82-year-old Chicago woman tased when she refused to admit cops sent to check on her well-being.

Update: And how did I miss this? “The use of these weapons causes acute pain, constituting a form of torture,'' the UN's Committee against Torture said.

Update2: Digby has a video of a Utah Highway Patrolman tasing a motorist — and then apparently lying to his partner about having given the motorist a warning. Lawsuit to follow. (But, say Digby's commentators, the real issues are pushy Taser salespeople and poor law enforcement training.)

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Be Thankful

Even when it's difficult.

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