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Ted Koppel Predicts US Will Be Under Martial Law

Over at the Poynter Foundation, they have the transcribed text of Ted Koppel's address to UC Berkeley grads (you have to page down a bit to get to it). It is riveting, especially this part, in which Koppel predicts the US will be hit with a WMD terrorist attack “in the next few years” which will “more than likely” lead to the imposition of martial law. Koppel warns, “For how long and under what circumstances it would be lifted again has not, to the best of my knowledge, ever been publicly addressed” and he calls for an urgent debate about “What we will do after the next terrorist attack”.

[Note: The Poynter web site seems to be set up to redirect internal links to Romenesko's Misc. Forum to their front page. If this happens to you, to find the Koppel speech, click here; you'll still have to page down to find it, but (for now at least) that's the right page. Or you can just read the extended quote below.]

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Fafblog Interviews Donald Rumsfeld

It's interview week over at Fafblog. Today it's Fafblog interviews Donald Rumsfeld, and Fafblog asks the questions no one asks and gets the answers no one says:

DR: Now, I've accepted responsibility before and I'll accept responsibility again for everything done under my command. But I'll be damned… damned… if I let a few systemic, widespread, and grotesque atrocities reflect on the character and conviction of the high-ranking civilian and military brass who created the environment that fostered those atrocities.

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Autres Endroits Autres Moeurs

Living in a country where it's a serious question of debate whether and when Employer is liable to Employee2 under an 'environmental harassment' theory for Employee1's visible consumption of online porn, it's bracing to be reminded that attitudes are different elsewhere. Consider Danes permit office p0rn. Danish IT firm LL Media found out that its programmers were wasting large amounts of office time surfing online porn, and decided to start blocking it during working hours. In an attempt to keep the troops happy after the blocking went into effect, LL Media is offering a new fringe benefit: signing workers up for a pay online porn service — but for after hours use only.

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Press Coverage of Frontier Travel Case

Good coverage of the filing of the Frontier Travel lawsuit:

“Mark Hatfield, a T.S.A. spokesman, said yesterday that the complaint's assertion of systemic secrecy was off base. 'There will be nothing secret' about the process for developing CAPPS2 and enlisting airlines in carrying it out, he said. While the actual text of the security directive outlining CAPPS2 won't be made public for obvious security reasons, he said, 'I'll put out a press release that paraphrases it' when the directive is issued.”

Of course, that's not a legally enforceable promise.

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What Do Republicans Like Best About Bush?

Last Halloween I asked,

How can it be that about half of the voters in this country tell pollsters that they are basically happy with an administration that lies like a rug? This is surely one of the central questions of the day.

Now comes Michael Bérubé, professor of literature and cultural studies, with a poll that is designed to address this still-burning (or at least spluttering) question.

Good blog, too.

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Chernoybl MotoPhotoBlog Had No Moto?

According to Boing Boing, channeling Neil Gaman (!), the MotoPhotoBlog I linked to a while back is semi-fraudulent. The pictures may be real, but the story isn't:

I am sorry to report that much of Elena's story is not true. She did not travel around the zone by herself on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are banned in the zone, as is wandering around alone, without an escort from the zone administration. She made one trip there with her husband and a friend. They traveled in a Chornobyl car that picked them up in Kyiv.

Snookered me.

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I’ve Switched to Creative Commons 2.0

I've switched the license for this blog to version 2.0 of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, as indicated by this nice gif:


Creative Commons offers a discussion of the differences between version 1.0 and 2.0.

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